My name is alexan adjoa, Womb Alchemist, Researcher, Teacher & Eternal Seeker of Knowledge… I love learning… and I love the way my life changes for the better as I live what I learn. In fact I love this journey called life experiences for the opportunities to access higher vibrations and reconnect me with my true essence. I have been here many times before yet each time there is more opportunity for transformation. And on this visit it excites me to be answering the call of my Ancestors to re-awaken knowledge about the sacredness of the Womb Energy Centre. I am dedicated to helping women heal physically, emotionally and spiritually through their Womb Energy Centre (whether the physical organ is there or not). The Womb is the spiritual gateway, a portal for life in this dimension… and Her Power is beyond imagination. Just think of this…

When your Womb Energy can attract and maintain a new spirit from another dimension, clothe it in flesh and birth it into this reality….. what can She not do??

So how did I get to here? Well it’s been a long life of experiences that was not always happy or welcome. Only in hindsight was I able to appreciate some of the lessons. There is much truth in the saying that our life experiences are preparing us for our life work! My physical health seemed pretty good until I suddenly became very ill and was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. In the process of the many tests and diagnostic investigations a uterine fibroid was found. As the fibroid was small… the doctors said there’s no need to do anything about it now… we’ll just ‘wait & see’. Well… fast forward and then the diagnosis was very different… ‘a fibroid uterus’… meaning my uterus was a mass of tumours and the only option the doctors would give was a hysterectomy! Say what!! No way! that was not an option for me. And so it was a real wake up call. I launched into my natural womb healing journey with full determination. It took time but eventually I completely healed my uterus and got rid of the fibroids using natural methods… no drugs… no surgery. And of course the journey took me far beyond the physical because every physical dis-ease has its roots in emotional and spiritual issues. So in the process of my own womb healing, I experienced the awakening of my Sacred Womb Centre and a deeper connection with my Ancestral Wisdom.

Did I choose the more difficult path to my ‘awakening’? Admittedly, up until the hormonal imbalance and womb malfunction started I was a bit complacent. Because in truth I did know better… I just wasn’t fully doing the better that I knew. Significant areas of my life were unfulfilling and I kept putting off doing what I know I needed to do. I was not fully present in my own life. For too long I stayed caught up in the illusion of ‘living’ and the entrapment of a consumerist lifestyle. I was doing work that was interesting but that felt soul-less at times. I was not living in my purpose. And I always knew what my purpose is but I procrastinated because… well it seemed too big a mission.

But eventually, as Anais Nin perfectly put it ‘…. the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’ And so I allowed my wings to unfold!


I can honestly say that the unfoldment of my life is quite amazing in all its ups and downs. I was born curious and indulge in a relentless quest to learn and master knowledge. I am passionate about spiritual transformation, conscious evolution, natural womb healing, and re-birthing our traditional healing practices that have been tested and proven over thousands of years. The many years working as a qualified nurse in gynaecology and womens health gave me valuable learning and experiences that also helped to strengthen my resolve about natural healing. Western medicine is dependent on drugs and surgery which cannot cure or heal… I know there are many other ways to work with the unique energy systems of the body and not against it.  I trained in Maya Abdominal Massage so that I could use my hands to release trauma and toxic conditions from the uterus and abdominal organs.

I study and work with plant medicine, and particularly plants from Africa and the Caribbean because I strongly hold that the plants my ancestors worked with still have a much stronger affinity with us than plants from other regions although they do work. For most of my life I’ve been studying and practicing spiritual methods of cleansing and healing. As my spirit calls them, I meet some incredible teachers in the physical and in the spiritual realms. And much of my learning is more like remembering the old ways for I come from a lineage of Natural Healers and Spiritualists who are rooted in Ancient Wisdom and know how to make magic real.

All of this means that the integrated healing modalities that I offer in my work as a Womb Wellness Specialist has sound knowledge base and can bring about deep healing and transformation on every level of your being.

If you feel drawn to working with me don’t hesitate please contact me today.

much love…