A “cold uterus” is a condition where there is insufficient warmth in the uterus for optimal health and vitality.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to this condition, for example:

Over-exposure to cold such as swimming in cold water, walking or sitting on a cold surface. Or inadequate dressing in cold weather ie wearing clothes that do not keep your stomach and back warm.

Consuming too much cold-energy food, such as raw fruits and vegetables especially during the menstrual cycle and when your digestion is not robust.

Trauma to the uterus from certain gynaecological procedures…..Trauma from sexual violence experienced physically and/or psychologically. Trauma to our womb space can cause us to mentally and emotionally disconnect from our wombs.

The circulation of blood, nerve impulses and energy to your reproductive organs may be inhibited causing stagnancy that can further hinder healthy flow.

Hormonal imbalance can be a cause and also a result of a cold uterus. The activities of Progesterone, the warming hormone may be inadequate or the uterus may be unable to utilise it fully due to poor circulation.

And of course lack of or not enough joy or pleasure in your life can lead to a myriad of health issues.

So how might you experience a cold uterus condition?

The consequence of a cold uterus is manifold on many levels. Your womb houses the creative energy…. the sexual energy that gives life to your desires….. and it requires a certain level of fire that vibes with your womb energy. When there is a depletion of this fire in the womb resulting in coldness the womb’s natural processes cannot occur effectively and there is stagnancy in your body as well as in different areas of your life.

On a mental level this may reflect in a general sluggishness and malaise in your life… your thinking pattern is dull and uninspiring. Ideas don’t seem to flow. Your womb energy is too low to conceive ideas or babies…. or too low to womanifest them to fruition. Hence the stagnancy shows up as sub-fertility or infertility in terms of creating your desires whether that is a baby, a project, a business or any creative endeavour.

How active and energised are you in bringing forth new ideas, manifesting your creations, your goals and dreams?

On a physical level a cold uterus can be experienced as:

Persistent cold hands and feet, dark and clotty menstrual blood, menstrual cramps that is only relieved with heat on your abdomen, lower back pain, low sexual desire and low sexual satisfaction, delayed ovulation or no ovulation, infertility, habitual miscarriage.

Prolonged coldness in the uterus with accompanying poor circulation and hormone imbalance could also predispose the uterus to developing ovarian cysts and fibroids.

What can you do to reverse a cold uterus condition?

Here is a holistic treatment that will help to warm up your uterus and your life….

  1. Self care – nurture yourself, treat yourself like you matter, because you are important too. Develop a habit of doing something everyday just for you! Just because you must!
  2. Herbal remedies – using a combination of warming herbs and cleansing herbs can be a very effective treatment, even more so in conjunction with dietary changes.
  3. Castor oil packs– steep ground turmeric and ginger in warm castor oil and apply directly over the womb area with a heat pad or hot water bottle.
  4. Vaginal steaming is an ancestral tradition that can clear out stagnant waste and warm up the womb especially when you add the appropriate herbs.
  5. Abdominal-sacral massage encourages the all-important circulation of blood, nerve impulses and energy, whilst sharing the healing magic of touch.
  6. Move your body! Do yoga… Do dancing that emphasises abdominal movements… Belly dancing, African dancing……. wine up yuh your waist..
  7. Actively seek pleasure – know that you deserve to feel joy and pleasure in your life. Identify what excites your passion and seek it out… give yourself permission to indulge.

These suggestions can all work together so beautifully to warm up that stagnant, cold uterus and dramatically improve your overall womb health, your fertility (physical and mental), increase your sexiness and your vitality.

….Now that is healing Juju!!!