Plant Energy is a Powerful Ally in our Healing Journey


Herbs have been used medicinally for centuries in many cultures around the world, and it continue to be so. Herbal medicine encourages the self-healing process in your body in order to correct internal imbalances.

The right herbs in the right combination have a mutual synergy that balances each other and increases the effectiveness of each herb. The herbal blends we use in our healing protocol are comprised of plants that have a toning, cleansing, strengthening and nourishing effect on the female reproductive system. Plants that our ancestors used and taught us about so we know that they have an affinity for our healing at deep levels.

Herbal Body Cleanse and parasite cleanse

Removing toxic waste from your body is the starting point for any healing protocol to be really effective. Toxic waste can cause congestion and stagnation in your body, create an acidic environment, lower your immunity and cause hormonal imbalance.

An accumulation of toxic waste in the body can be a breeding ground for parasites.  Parasite infestation can go undetected for years, creating and compounding health challenges. The result is a chronically nutrient deficient body, suppressed immune system, and damaged internal organs.

A herbal detox and parasite cleanse would allow your body to effectively heal itself. It would also ensure that your body can fully absorb and utilise the herbal remedy and improved nutrition.


Optimum Nutrition

Great news! you can correct womb imbalances and develop overall health and vitality by giving your body the nutrients you need to be strong healthy and vibrant. A predominantly plant based whole foods diet can promote hormonal balance and help to maintain womb health.

On the other hand a diet of foods low in nutrients and high in chemicals that increase toxicity and inflammation disrupts your hormonal system, and creates disease in your reproductive system. When this situation is allowed to continue over time it can adversely affect womb health and function leading to a host of problems such as premenstrual tension (PMS), fibroids, endometriosis, infertility menopausal symptoms etc.


Vaginal Steams

Herbal vaginal steam is a traditional sacred art practised by women in many cultures around the world. It can enhance the health of your reproductive system by nourishing, cleansing and toning. It may even empower your creative energies.

Vaginal steams provide a direct route for plant medicine to clear and cleanse your womb of old blood, mucus and stagnant energy and encourage the circulation of blood, lymph and energy. This can help to reduce premenstrual symptoms, balance your hormones, regulate your menstrual cycles, and aid fertility. When combined with other healing modalities regular herbal steams can reverse womb disorders caused by ph imbalance, infection, dampness or inflammation.

We have different blends of herbs and flowers for your steaming experience depending on the type of support that you need.

Vaginal Steam Herbal Blends Available:

  • Cleanse & Balance – For uterine healing & cleansing
  • Customised Blends – To aid in the healing & reversal of various conditions
  • Wise Woman – For relieving peri and menopausal symptoms
  • Spiritual – For healing on a spiritual and emotional level