Traditional Healers believe that a woman’s Womb is her spiritual centre and if her Womb is out of balance, she will be physically, emotionally and spiritually out of balance.

Womb Wellness Service

I offer a Wholistic Womb Wellness service that can bring healing and balance to your Womb Centre. Traditional healers say that when a womans womb is out of balance her whole life is out of balance. So the term “wholistic” is based on the concept of wholeness, to treat the “whole person” mind, body and spirit. This means getting to the root cause of the disorder but more importantly healing the whole woman, so that as you heal your womb you heal your life.  This is the key to achieving lasting results.

My approach is to guide and assist you to awaken your own inner healer, the wisdom and the power in you that is responsible for creating your life of wholeness & wellness.

Who is this work for?

This work is for every woman, at any age, at any stage of her life who is ready to reconnect fully with her Womb – the physical Womb and the Womb spiritual energy centre. The emphasis is on maintaining vibrant womb health which includes preventive care as much as reversing dis-ease, so you do not need to have a diagnosed condition or be experiencing symptoms in order to work with me. But if you are experiencing any of the myriad symptoms of womb disorder then my service may help you. And of course you can still benefit even if you no longer have a physical womb because your energetic womb is still intact.

Wholistic Womb Wellness is a 7 treatment protocol that incorporates:

  • total body and womb cleanse
  • maya abdominal & sacral massage
  • optimal nutrition advice
  • herbal formulas
  • essential oils
  • vaginal steams
  • spiritual cleansing