Let your feminine essence flow from your heart, from your womb centre, from your soul… into the world as sacred healing medicine.

Spiritual Cleansing

Every physical and mental illness is rooted in unresolved emotional issues and spiritual blockages. We store emotions and memories… especially the painful ones in our womb. All the energies from past sexual experiences and womb trauma like sexual abuse, abortion, miscarriage, surgery also gets buried in our womb. Continuous unresolved emotions and trauma can block our womb energy, weaken the womb and cause the womb to malfunction. As a result she beomes vulnerable to being invaded by acute and chronic dis-eases. When stale and stagnant energy remain in the womb it tends to also hold in place false beliefs and programming that have adverse effects on our life.

Spiritual cleansing is necessary to restore the correct functions of the womb, like pressing the reset button! The result is that healing can really happen on a profound level. It also unlocks primordial spiritual codes that reconnects us with our true essence and enables us to reach our highest potential. Our ancestors understood this and always addressed emotional and spiritual healing as a very necessary part of any treatment to bring about complete healing on all levels. I work with the wisdom of my ancestors in the use of simple yet powerful healing techniques such as Spiritual Baths, Spiritual Oils, Essential Oils, Incense Burning and Powerful Prayers.

Essential Oils for Emotional Healing

I use essential oils in this work because the therapeutic value of essential oils for healing is truly astounding. The results can be subtle yet profound. Essential oils are pure essences of plant spirit carrying high vibrations that elevate our frequency, helping us to connect to our divine source. They awaken our DNA memory and remove negative belief patterns and thought forms to enable healing to happen.

The healing power of essential oils was known by healers in Africa and other parts of the world where they have used essential oils in healing for thousands of years.